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I recently checked the rankings for our most recent retail website and see that is ranks very well on the major search engines, which include Google, MSN and Yahoo. The search term we optimized the website for is ?low acid coffee? which describes the product line we carry on the website. The results are as follows:

Another term, that we consider secondary, is acid free coffee as many people search for it, but not as many as for low acid coffee. We are ranking ok for the term, but could be better. The results are below:

However, we do not want to rank. We may try to boost ranking for the term, but don?t want to at the cost of losing rank on the primary term. We will most likely increase our link popularity by adding more link partnerships with other websites.

How did we do it?

This brings us to the question of how did we achieve top rankings for low acid coffee. We did this by a combination of methods.

  1. First, we got the website online and then promoted it by using paid search for any term that was relevant. Over time we found that certain terms prevailed as most popular… first, being low acid coffee and second being acid free coffee. Also, the major increase in traffic from paid search helped increase rankings on the search engines, but not good enough.
  2. Then, we optimized the whole website around the term low acid coffee, fitting in acid free coffee whenever we could. This quickly increased our ranking for both terms.
  3. Finally, we promoted the website to other similar websites requested link partnerships. The link partnerships are what finally pushed the website to the top for low acid coffee

Another factor that helped is that the search terms were very targeted and achievable. It would be very difficult for any smaller firm to attain rankings for a search term such as “coffee” and the traffic wouldn’t be of high quality as you wouldn’t know if the searcher wants to find a coffee shop, coffee recipes or actually purchase coffee online.

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