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Pop Up Room Website :: Day 1

Pop Up RoomOver the last couple years I have realized that it is far easier to rank better on search engines with a more focused, niched-based website than a website with many different products, services or types of information on it. For example, it was far easier for us to get to rank well for low acid coffee than it was to get to rank well for the Chillow.

This is because the coffee website is mostly about low acid coffee whereas with, it has over 400 different products making one individual product not seem very significant. Therefore, we rely more on paid search or pay-per-click advertising for most of the traffic on

One of our top selling products on is the Pop Up Room.  While pay-per-click adverising is an excellent way to drive instant traffic to your website that is extremely targeted and you pay for exactly what you want, it still can get very costly for your top terms.  I highly recommend pay-per-click advertising as a starting point for any website marketing campaign.

We decided it would be a good idea to spin off this product into it’s very own website which would be completely devoted to the product. This should significantly improve the ranking on the search engines for any term related to the Pop Up Room and therefore reduce our advertising costs, increase sales and profits.

We will use the data from our pay-per-click campaigns to determine which terms are the best for use when determining the domain name for the new website as well as for seach engine optimization of the new website.  This is a highly valuable bonus of pay-per-click advertising.

I will continue to blog about the progress of this new project here.  Stay tuned!

Increasing Your Search Engine Rankings with Link Partners.

As you may know, I believe that pay-per-click advertising with companies like Google Adwords or Overture is very quick and effective for getting instant traffic and for testing new products and ideas with minimal investment. I always suggest this as the first form of internet marketing to try.

However, once a product, service or an idea has been proven to sell with pay-per-click ads, I would suggest including a search engine optimization strategy to your marketing plan. Search engine optimization is where you attempt to optimize the web site itself for the web pages to rank well in the search engine search results. I suggest search engine optimization as something to do after pay-per-click, because search engine optimization cost much more time and money to get started so it would be good to be sure that your product, service or idea is proven to sell before investing much more resources upfront.

Now, search engine optimization includes three different components for good search engine rankings. They are the following:

  1. Age – the age of your web pages is a factor of ranking well, particular on Google. All else being equal the older a web site is the better chance it has to rank better.
  2. Content – good content includes quantity and quality of text content on your web site. The more relevant content you have relating to a particular search term, the higher you should rank for the search term, all else being equal.
  3. Popularity – link popularity is also very important for increasing your search engine rankings. This is where a web site links to your web site. Search results are affected by how many links you have from quality web sites.

Today, I will be focusing on the link partners as a way to improve your web site’s popularity. I have been experimenting a lot lately with link partners and have found some very favorable results. I will use our Champlain Coffee web site as an example.

Before we started our link exchange campaign, Champlain Coffee ranked on somewhere on the 3 page of search results of Google for the term “low acid coffee“. After about a month of our link partners campaign, it ranked #9 on the first page of search results on Google and as of this date, it still ranks there, occasionally fluctuating between #7 to #9. We have determined that this could be the only cause for the increased ranking as the ranking was stable for several months before and starting going up as soon as we started our link exchange campaign. We did nothing else to increase the ranking.

We have since determined that about 20-25 link partners combined with good content and time should get you to the first page of search results. This does require that the link partners be related to your web site in terms of content and the link partner’s web site must be of good quality.

We would be glad to help you form a link partner strategy, search engine optimization strategy, pay-per-click strategy or full internet marketing plan. Just click here to send me a message or call us at 802-735-2149.