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Advantage Creations Re-Develops Their Web Site

As you may have noticed, we’ve started rolling out a new version of our own web site, which has been a long time coming.  The previous design has been in place with minor changes since we began offering Vermont web design services in 2003… it was about time to make some updates.

At this time the general look is fairly similar to avoid too much confusion with current clients, but we the underlying code and how the site is managed is quite different.  We converted the web site to a hybrid based on Drupal and WordPress content management systems.

We are using Drupal to manage the primary site and WordPress to manage the blog/news portion of the site.  At this point we have managed to convert and move all content from the old site to the new site and everything seems to be going well!

Some of the content is still not perfect and will need to be fixed, which we will be doing over the next couple months… fixes such as extra spaces, alignment and missing characters, small stuff, but things that should be fixed.

We will then begin launching some new features for better client/ project/ invoicing management.  We may be integrating a better way to manage client accounts directly into the web site where clients can login and view past work that was completed and invoices (current and past paid).

We are really looking foward to the new changes we have in store and hope you will  too!

Please let us know what you think so far and let us know what changes you would  like to see regarding online account management by commenting below.

We appreciate your business over the last 8 years and hope to continue serving you!