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Q/A: Should I Switch from Bing to Yahoo?

Question: Just wondering what you think of Bing – new search engine from Microsoft. Any thoughts about switching from Yahoo to Bing?

Answer: You shouldn’t remove yahoo paid search in favor of Bing, both are working independently for the time being. The deal between Yahoo and Bing is not certain yet as they are awaiting regulatory approval and then after that it could be up to 24 months before the merging of their natural and paid search systems.

At this time, I would suggest setting up a Microsoft Adcenter account and copying your existing ad information from your Yahoo/Google accounts to Microsoft Adcenter (since you don’t have an existing Microsoft Adcenter account).

Then, having all three accounts (Google, Yahoo and Adcenter) running concurrently bringing in the maximum amount of traffic. When (and if) the deal goes through, I’m sure they will provide more details about whether they plan to merge the accounts or not and how to proceed, but again, we have some time before you need to worry about that.

Bing and Yahoo: What it Means for Search Engine Marketing is Microsoft’s new version of their search engine that replaced and Recently, Microsoft made a deal with to merge some of their operations to better compete against Google.

Personally, I’m not sure how much the deal will help Yahoo get more traffic as I’m not sure why people would switch to Yahoo just to use Bing? Why wouldn’t they just go directly to Bing instead? It appears that Yahoo is just giving up on trying to compete in search like they did year’s ago when they made a similar deal with Google, which I believe contributed to making Google the powerhouse they are today. Yahoo essentially told the public “Google can handle search better than we can, but please come to Yahoo to do your Google searches” and the public asked why should I and just started going instead.

Here’s the breakdown of the deal…

First, Bing will take over management of’s paid search ads. This most likely means that once the transition is made you will go to your Adcenter account to manage paid search ads for both Yahoo and Bing, which should save time. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this will most likely result in higher ad costs for ad clicks on as Yahoo’s network is larger than Bing’s network and this means the average per click cost is likely to be higher as the competition for bids will be much higher for clicks on’s website. That is if both users are consolidated together, which isn’t clear yet if that is what they intend to do, but it would definately make sense to that from Yahoo and Microsoft’s viewpoint to generate more revenue.

Second, Bing will take over management of Yahoo’s search. This most likely means that if you are ranking well in Yahoo’s natural search results now, it may not matter once the transition goes through. You will need to make sure that you are ranking well on Fortunately for us most of our clients web sites and our own web sites are actually ranking better on Bing than Yahoo, so this change will be a great benefit to us. However, the transition is not expected to go through for up to 24 months AFTER the deal gets regulatory approval.

Click here for a full press release: Bing/ Yahoo Search Deal

Action Steps to take:

1. If you don’t have a Microsoft Adcenter account, set one up (or have your internet marketing person do it) so that you can have ads ready and take part in the current cheap ad rates. However, I imagine that if the deal goes through and Yahoo and Microsoft will provide an easy way to merge the two accounts.

2. Check your search rankings. If they are higher than your rankings, congrats! You are in great shape for the transition. If they are significantly lower, have your SEO person look into why and take steps to fix this. However, it’s possible that your rankings may fluctuate as is new an may still be tweaking their search algorithm. Also, there is plenty of time until the transition goes into affect.

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Pop Up Room Website :: Day 8

The website is now complete with a shopping cart on a secure server to encrypt order information. We kept the web design simple and easy to navigate. Since the website is selling a single product, it doesn’t need to be complex.

We also began optimizing the website for the top 5-6 keywords relating the Pop Up Room.

The next step is to begin switching our paid search or pay-per-click advertising campaigns over from to to begin building traffic to the website.

At the same time we will begin building link partnerships with related websites to increase the link popularity of the website.

Pop Up Room Website :: Day 1

Pop Up RoomOver the last couple years I have realized that it is far easier to rank better on search engines with a more focused, niched-based website than a website with many different products, services or types of information on it. For example, it was far easier for us to get to rank well for low acid coffee than it was to get to rank well for the Chillow.

This is because the coffee website is mostly about low acid coffee whereas with, it has over 400 different products making one individual product not seem very significant. Therefore, we rely more on paid search or pay-per-click advertising for most of the traffic on

One of our top selling products on is the Pop Up Room.  While pay-per-click adverising is an excellent way to drive instant traffic to your website that is extremely targeted and you pay for exactly what you want, it still can get very costly for your top terms.  I highly recommend pay-per-click advertising as a starting point for any website marketing campaign.

We decided it would be a good idea to spin off this product into it’s very own website which would be completely devoted to the product. This should significantly improve the ranking on the search engines for any term related to the Pop Up Room and therefore reduce our advertising costs, increase sales and profits.

We will use the data from our pay-per-click campaigns to determine which terms are the best for use when determining the domain name for the new website as well as for seach engine optimization of the new website.  This is a highly valuable bonus of pay-per-click advertising.

I will continue to blog about the progress of this new project here.  Stay tuned!