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Cart32 V8.0 is Available: Cart32 Hosting Only $120/yr or $15/mo

Cart32 Hosting | Cart32 Host

Advantage Creations is proud to announce that we have upgraded Cart32 to Cart32 V8.0! Below are just some of the new features in this new version:

  • One page checkout
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Completely redesigned Ajaxified interface, new look & feel
  • More options, tweaks, and customization

Full list of features include:

  Web-based control panel
  No software to install
  No HTML or programming experience required
  Free manual, videos, tutorials, how-to articles, other resources
  United States based customer service
  Free technical support via phone, email, and chat
  Supports Microsoft® Access, MySQL®, and Microsoft® SQL Server databases
  Import existing products database (limited compatibility)
  Export and import Cart32 client data and settings
Products & Inventory
  Easily add products to your existing website using our HTML form wizard
  Easy to use options builder for product options such as size and color
  No product limits
  Offer quantity discounts, custom discounts, and coupon codes
  Sell and accept gift certificates
  Inventory management automatically deducts items from inventory on completion of sale
  Generate inventory reports based on your set reorder points
  Integrates with QuickBooks® using .iif file format
  Support for downloadable products or softgoods such as .mp3 or .pdf
Design & Layout
  Easily add shopping cart to existing web site
  Customizable templates for check out pages
  Easily match check out pages to existing web site
  Compatible with FrontPage® and Dreamweaver® *
  Complete control over store design
  Support for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  Support for button images
  Functions to update item, delete item, empty cart, and continue shopping
  Support for .asp, .php, etc. on checkout pages
Order Processing
  Change currency format
  Offline credit card processing, phone orders, and C.O.D.
  Create your own payment options
  Integrates with Google Checkout®
  Integrates with buySAFE®
  Integrates with PayPal®
  Integrates with PayPal® Website Payments Pro
  Compatible with, Linkpoint, Verisign, and more
  Online real time credit card processing with over 50 gateways.
   Cart32 compatible payment gateways.
  Electronic check payments (ACH)
  CVV2 security code support
  Export order data to .txt, .csv, or flat file
  Support for preCharge, Verified by Visa, and Mastercard SecureCode
  Support for running an external script after an order has been placed
Shipping & Tax
  Create you own tax settings
  Designate items as tax exempt or special tax
  Exclude item(s) from tax or apply special tax per item
  Flat tax or per item tax
  Base tax on City, City/State, County, County/State, Country, Zip code range
  Tax on shipping optional
  Create you own shipping configurations
  Ship by price, weight, number of items, and more
  Add handling charges
  Designate minimum shipping charges
  Designate free shipping on items
  Separate shipping into multiple boxes
  Support for international shipping
  Specify max weight per box and item ships in own box
  Restrict shipping based on location using state, country, or zip code range
  Supports tracking numbers for shipping carriers
  Integrates with major shipping carriers
  Integrates with DHL, FedEx, and USPS real-time rates
  Integrates with UPS rates database
  Create shipping labels for DHL, FedEx, and USPS
  6 shipping configurations available.
  Display multiple shipping types
  Conditions to hide/show shipping configurations
Reporting & Analysis
  Customer list
  Order list
  Sales report *
  Sales tax report *
  Sales by customer report *
  Lost sales report *
  Inventory report *
  Attracta – Search Engine Submission and Automated SEO. 
  Constant Contact. 
  Verisign. To learn more about the Verisign Trust seal program
Shopper Features
  All customer data is stored in database
  Repeat customer information stored
  Customers can view order history
  Live order status and tracking
  User account login
Customer Service
  All orders stored in a database for easy recall
  Cart summary window shows items in cart on your web site
  View live orders on your web site *
  Integrates with several referral programs
  Send newsletters to customers
  Customizable order emails
  Automatic confirmation emails
  Order status emails (processed, shipped, etc.)
  Password-protected admin access
  Full HTTPS/SSL support
  Secure HTTPS/SSL admin access
  Secure Public/Private Key Encryption
  *Assumes purchase of additional Cart32 addons.

If you are already using Cart32 with us, your account has already been upgraded to Cart32 V8.0 free of charge. 

Cart32 hosting with us is only $120/year or $15/month (or $99/year or $10/month without Cart32). If you have any questions regarding Cart32 V7.0 or regarding Cart32 hosting, please contact us.

Cart32 V7.0 is Available: Cart32 Hosting Only $120/yr or $15/mo

Cart32 Hosting | Cart32 Host

Advantage Creations is proud to announce that we have upgraded Cart32 to Cart32 V7.0! Below are just some of the new features in this new version:

  • Integrated Payment Gateway (Cart32 Gateway)
  • Virtual Terminal & Virtual POS
  • Integrated Store Builder (Beta)
  • Checkout By Amazon & Amazon Simple Pay
  • PayPal’s Payflow Pro update
  • Add your own admin users with custom restrictions
  • New customization options
  • Stronger encryption
  • Support for split knowledge dual control key management (required by PCI DSS)
  • Improved user interface
  • AJAX features to improve speed and usability
  • Many performance improvements, tweaks and minor changes

For all customers currently using Cart32 V6.4 with us… you are all automatically upgraded to Cart32 V7.0! You don’t have to do a thing and there is no additional cost to you. Login to the new administration panel and enjoy!

I’ve been looking at the new system and some of the new features that stick out to me as being really usefull are the following..

  1. The integration of Store32 is really cool. This will enable you to generate and maintain your entire retail store within Cart32. Just enter your ftp information and generate your store pages within Cart32.  Store pages are uploaded to your domain, while the Cart32 checkout pages are located on Cart32’s own secure server to ensure a safe and secure checkout for you and your customers.
  2. Ability to modify Cart32 templates within Cart32. In previous versions, you needed to modify the pages and upload them outside of Cart32. Now you can do all this within Cart32 itself.
  3. Amazon Payments – With Cart32 V7.0, Amazon Payments is integrated into your installation free of charge (Google Checkout still requires an extra module to be purchased). I don’t currently accept Amazon Payments for my own retail websites, but I will be checking this out as I think it’s a good idea to provide as many payment options to your customers as reasonably possible.
  4. Cart32Gateway is also included and they have some decent rates. Currently set at 2.17% plus .27 per transaction. The 2.17% is lower than my current rate but the transaction fee of .27 is higher than my current rate. It looks like I would do better with Cart32Gateway on orders over $20, but better with my current provider with orders under $20. However, the difference for orders under $20 is fairly small and it be more convenient to be able to do all my order credit card processing within Cart32. A really nice option to have.

When I heard about the new version of Cart32, I was first hesitant to upgrade as I was worried about any disruption or incompatibilities with existing store data, but everything went very smooth and everything seems to be running great with the new version.

Cart32 hosting with us is only $120/year or $15/month (or $99/year or $10/month without Cart32). If you have any questions regarding Cart32 V7.0 or regarding Cart32 hosting, please contact us.

New Web Hosting Plans

We have now added a couple different options for our hosting. Before now, you had the following options:

  • One Plan Hosting (Yearly): $99/year
  • One Plan Hosting with Cart32 (Yearly): $120/year

Due to recent requests, we have decided to add the following monthly options for both types of hosting.

  • One Plan Hosting (Monthly): $10/month
  • One Plan Hosting with Cart32 (Monthly): $15/month

Click here for more information on our hosting plans.

Welcome to Our New Clients!

Cart32 HostingSome of our newest clients include…

We have many hosting, web design and internet marketing solutions for every budget and every need.

For example, Baby Yap Yap needed reliable Cart32 Hosting for their ecommerce business, which we offer for the very affordable price of $120 (no setup fees).

Henninge needed a no-hassle hosting package, which we offer for $99/year (no setup fees).

Organic Bodybuilding needed website hosting, custom scripts, an ebook created and encrypted and a internet marketing plan developed and implemented, which is ongoing.

Cart32 Hosting – $120/Year


As I said in the previous post, we have upgraded the Cart32 shopping cart to Cart32 v6.3. One of the major new features we are using right away is the Google Checkout addon. The addon allows Google Checkout to work within the Cart32 shopping cart along with accepting Paypal, credit cards (through your own merchant account) and of course checks/money orders.

Google CheckoutI had posted previously that a drawback to using Google Checkout is that it didn’t integrate well with websites or shopping carts. While it still is not easy to integrate into websites, Cart32 has taken the time to create an addon that helps you easily integrate Google Checkout into the Cart32 shopping cart.

To get merchants to accept Google Checkout, Google is now waiving all fees for processing transactions for the holidays, which is great! After the holidays, Google will be reverting back to the old fee structure, but still allowing you to process $10 of Google Checkout sales for free for every $1 you spend on Google AdWords, which is still a great deal.

We now offer two tiers of web hosting. Website hosting with Cart32 support and without. Cart32 hosting is only $120/year and hosting without Cart32 is still only $99/year.  The Google Checkout addon is an extra $24.95 (one-time fee).