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BTVSMD – Burlington Social Media How to Win an Audience and Influence People – Nicole Ravlin

How to Win an Audience and Influence People

This presentation was made at Burlington’s Social Media day by Nicole Ravlin, Partner and Publicist at People Making Good PR and co-founder Burlington Social Media Breakfasts (#btvsmb).btvsmd13-win-audience-influence-people-nicole-ravlin

Three Vs of marketing?All boils down to revenue: Think how all marketing will drive revenueCommunication strategy:What is the ultimate goal?  Create differentiated awarenessIncrease revenueWhat actions need to take to achieve goal?How measure efforts?  Set benchmarks, in social media things happen quickly.

When is enough time to evaluate what you’re doing?

  • Spend time where you like what you’re doing. It’s all about content: crap=crap, no matter the platform.
  • Plan the work, work the plan. Have a weekly editorial calendar for each account managed, with a 2 week rolling basis evaluation.
  • Have a common theme to make a campaign, which motivates people to do something, if you see different messages across social media channels, it’s most likely 2 people handling the accounts

ImagesStatus or content without image may not perform well, as everything is visual. Float in a logo into content before posting, which gives more branding. i.e. Ben and Jerry’s Instagram, example of crowd sourcing of imagery

Facebook EdgerankAlso manages what shows in feedMajority of fans seeing updates of your pageSpend money to have Facebook work harder for your brand. Boost posts, or ad campaigns, also increase amount of smart content pushed.Recommends Facebook postings 8-10 per week, Also likes and shares better than comments

‘Talking about this’ at the top of Facebook page calculation: Divide number of talking by number of likes, then times 100. Number between 12-25% is considered healthy by FacebookNonprofit clients post 1 per week sponsored, can’t get away without sponsoring

Making most of audiencePinterest: spend money on a contest, social media will cost money, i.e. constant contact getting you hookedPMG’s Facebook is not an example, “Cobbler’s kids have no shoes.”Boost Facebook posts – max budget i.e. start with small amountt, but make sure you set a goalFacebook ads? Depends on your goal, Community – boost post, or more likes than ads

Facebook Business program:

  • $1,500 for 1 month of Facebook personal service person
  • 4 weeks of personal Facebook marketing support for $1,500; representative she had was willing to give funds until 5,000 likes received on the page, to the point of promising to give Facebook ad credit to reach the 5,000 goal

If your Facebook page gets 5,000 likes = geotargeting of ads

PMG Client examples:

East Riding Farms - Company wanted 5,000 likes in 1 month, PMG used the Facebook Small business program & met goalWalkers Shortbread - European owner wanted Facebook page to only appear in US market, and the company’s marketing director wanted to use page internationally as well; PMG used US market only Facebook ads

Recommends Facebook budget of $50 per day Adspend, with a minimum 2 week campaign

Three key images in Facebook ads:

  1. Food
  2. Kids
  3. Dogs

 They perform best; Recommends let the images run for 48-50 hours to “Feed the lions and starve the chickens.”

4 ads limit, there is a how to somewhere on the Facebook site

Facebook drive to links are ok, but external links not really good.In your ad, make every other word upper case, as it tests better.

Recipes, and home decor topics also works well for traffic.

Twitter for smaller businesses doesn’t make sense, but it is good for large businesses.

This was one of the five of the eight seminars for Burlington’s Social Media day on June 2 7th, 2013 that the Advantage Creations staff attended.

BTVSMD – Burlington Social Media Managing your Digital Identity – Dr Elaine Young

Managing your Digital Identitybtvsmd13-manage-digital-identity-elaine-young

This presentation was made at Burlington’s Social Media day by Dr Elaine Young, Digital and Social Media Marketing Professor at The Stiller School of Business at Champlain College

Every piece of content on social media is used to marketWhy manage?79% recruiters screen social media – Pinterest infographic86% reject due to things posted to social media7 out of 10 people have searched online for people80 % LinkedIn, 50% Facebook, 45% Twitter to find talent for their business14.4 million people have found jobs by social media

Building brandSimple steps = big resultSet goal and objectiveAssess current online ecosystem – how it can relay info about you, both personally and professionally“Ego search” on Google – search for your own namePrioritize tools you use Create a content plan with strong keywords for each tool Implement your planMeasure and monitor results infographicGives you a breakdown of person’s Google search result, 3 URLs for free, then payColleges have given this for their students to improve their brand1 billion name searches a day, 94% of people only look at first page of results2% own the first page results, 1 in 4 people have no positive content at all, 15% have 1 negative result on first page, which damages reputationGoogle results are skewed if you’re logged into your own social media networks, but selecting the Hide private results feature shows unbiased search results.

For First page:LinkedIn is king, WordPress for blog – Best of blogs, Vimeo better than YouTube due to professional is ok, but Zerply and Brand Yourself rank more, 2 points higher in result,Also co-founder of Brand Yourself is Stu McGowan’s son – local Burlington connectionFlickr best for photographers – create professional Flickr site

Branding Examples: build you personal brand in 15 weeks – Champlain College student assignment(following are Champlain College student examples):

  • Nikki Tetreault
  • Brittany Leaning – uses same user name on almost all sites
  • Hans Bardenheuer
  • Nicole Magoon –
  • Elaine Young

MySpace – revisit your profile, as they have had a major overhaul of the systemPossibly get off Facebook, as it’s moving in new directionCheck Facebook settings as often as smoke detectors, as they change frequently

Question:Finding old articles online? – search for the unique terms, save article as PDF, and archive your work

Another tip:

This was one of the five of the eight seminars for Burlington’s Social Media day on June 2 7th, 2013 that the Advantage Creations staff attended. More notes to follow, keep posted.

BTVSMD – Burlington Down & Dirty Social Media Workshop – Barbara Dozetos

BTVSMD13DownSocMedDown & Dirty Social Media Plan for your Business

This presentation was made at Burlington’s Social Media day by Barbara Dozetos, Owner, Above the Fold Marketing, on June 27th, 2013

How do you know if you’re succeeding at social media? – It’s the same as marketing


Above the Fold’s Marketing Brainstorm Handout, given with pen toolWhere you should be spending your efforts online?Customer communication or customer service Brand exposure – people know you existSEO also known as ‘Google juice’Website is your online storefront, and just as important as a physical storefrontWebsite should be a dynamic site

Facebook overview:

  • More than 40% of people have a Facebook account
  • Great for business to connect to customers, and local marketing
  • Colleges are no longer giving email addresses, and some college students have not had an email at all
  • Fastest growing Facebook demographic is women 50+ due to grand-kids
  • It’s rare to copy and paste links in Facebook
  • No need for reciprocate links to interact with customers

Google Plus overview:

  • Customer communication – connection based on subject matter
  • High brand exposure due to Google owning it, great SEO
  • Best for traffic, as you can share and send content to different circles, such as Elaine Young’s classes

Twitter overview

  • Allows customers to communicate with companies faster than other forms of contacti.e. a friend who had trouble reaching right person on phone, and was resolved in minutes on Twitter
  • Average SEO
  • High brand exposure
  • Be sure to follow back new followers, otherwise considered rude,
  • Create lists to control Twitter feed
  • Report spammers to remove them from Twitter

LinkedIn overview:

  • LinkedIn designed for business to business contacts
  • LinkedIn written recommendations more important
  • People do not follow links posted from LinkedIn
  • Business page on LinkedIn more open than Facebook
  • LinkedIn Groups: look for quality groups,
  • Best tool for finding employees

Question: Burlington Segways promotion:

  • Facebook indicates customer interest when they fill out profile
  • Facebook’s new hashtags give subject matter where it wasn’t before
  • When people connect with your company, it’s an invite to talk to them, not a one way conversation
  • Suggests to like other local business pages, and link to your page

Pinterest overview:

  • Main demographic females
  • Chris Bohjalian interacts with his readers on Pinterest
  • Pinterest is a very visual medium, good for traffic building
  • Catalog sharing opportunity, so make site social media friendly

YouTube overview: 

  • Best for Social Media overall
  • It’s the 2nd most used search engine in the worldAn entire demographic that visits YouTube first
  • No professional equipment is needed, you can just show slideshows
  • Make your videos have good descriptions, title, tags
  • Best for customer communication, brand exposure, and SEO

Don’t try to outsmart Google, as paid links are tacky

Blogging – Don’t use Blogger, place the blog on your web site insteadWordPress – Best for SEO, find the right developer & get an amazing site, Google gives higher rank to WordPress

Question: Therapist & client privacy – make sure to share personal patient info privatelyResearch has been done where patients choose providers based on seeing the doctor’s human side, as opposed to experience

Recommends reading Entrepreneur article on “How to reach your target audience

This was one of the five of the eight seminars for Burlington’s Social Media day on June 2 7th, 2013 that the Advantage Creations staff attended. More notes to follow, keep posted.

BTVSMD – Burlington Social Media 201 Workshop – Gahlord Dewald

Social Media 201 BTVSMD13SocMed201gahlord

This presentation was made at Burlington’s Social Media day by Gahlord Dewald, Thoughtfaucet Online Strategist & President, on June 27th, 2013

It’s good to have playtime on social media. If we want to learn, it’s our obligation to play – i.e. 6-8 months

Weird tip to improve your Twitter:Thought leadership important, but will focus on IFTTT toolReal estate clients compile lists of best NYC places, and Foursquare tips, then uses IFTTT tool and when temperature drops below a certain degree, the IFTTT sends an auto tweet about best cocoa place, or if raining here’s best museums, or other indoor activities.

Connect people to contentUse IFTTT when a picture appears on Instagram, save it to Dropbox, or if picture of me tagged, save it to Drop box or email it.Also used Google Reader to compile articles with star, then set IFTTT to send to Buffer service, which drips links out throughout the day or week, but it’s just a headline and link, and will need finalizing,

Doesn’t use modified Tweets, and when finding a useful article tag those users who are relevant to the article.i.e. national Realtor association friend who likes motorcycles and tech, and finds a motorcycle with iPhone on dashboard picture, then shares with him.Make sure the links you spread are others, for every link get 4-5 other sources

Question: How often are connections updated?Not sure as Twitter recent update removed support.Align your business goal with social medium’s business goal.Don’t recommend just having a Facebook page, as they may make updates – i.e. 16% like

Question: What do you think is the next big network?Tumblr – Due to the age demographic,  and types of content created and sharedVine – Great tool to play withInstagram – Media’s created a conflict/competition with Vine, but they have more room to grow, as more become comfortable with the medium

Question: What if my results from a local advertiser do not match my numbers? Look at web analytics, and note referrals from site. If advertising with a local source, and they give number that doesn’t match analytic, they might be lying, or people are not letting page fully load, as it still counts; recommends links given from the advertiser should be campaign tagged -

Advantage Creations note: If tagging campaigns, make sure that the landing page has a canonical tag in it, which tells search engines that the url with tags is the same as the url without tags, which helps to ensure that you get the search engine optimization benefit of the link.

Question: Facebook as major social media outlet? – Facebook groups more effective for connecting to audience, around an audience - Reach, conversion, satisfaction model

Realtor clients make list of 365 things to do in city, which builds community around a topic.

Question: Creating event in Facebook? – Doesn’t use, as it’s restricting to those who don’t use Facebook; Push the link to site instead, i.e. Amanda Levinson’s upcoming BTVSMD13 Workshop for Nonprofits

Question: Learn about analytics? WebAnalyticsWeds meetings – BTV DigeratiAlso, each of tools has their own measurements

Question: People wasting time on social media? Don’t measure by number of likes, measure by having better customer relationships, finding their interests, it’s a psychological tool i.e. Klout score

Identify the company decision maker, then customize marketing to that person, friend on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.Check how many fields they have filled out on Facebook – or if on Twitter, it’s not stalking.LinkedIn also another tool, especially in the last year for business people.

Basically, social media is a giant focus group feedback form, for each profile field you fill out.

This was one of the five of the eight seminars for Burlington’s Social Media day on June 2 7th, 2013 that the Advantage Creations staff attended. More notes to follow, keep posted.

BTVSMD – Burlington Social Media 101 Workshop – Alex Tursi

Social Media 101: Tweet? Post? Help!

This presentation was made at Burlington’s Social Media day by Alexandra Tursi, (Fletcher Allen Health Care Social Media/Web Strategist, Marketing & Communications) on June 27th, 2013, and is also available online:

Twitter handout

“The future belongs to those who connect.”Seminar to cover Social Media as personal branding, or for business.Social media amplifies certain human behaviors.“From global to hyperlocal, social media makes the “Daily Me” instantaneously accessible”

Social media amplifies certain human behaviorsSeven psychological needs we may be seeking.”

Facebook as an example: personal use to remind you of friends/family member’s birthday,Facebook friend purges, or the need of inclusion 

“We’re seeking these needs in record numbers.Where it’s on desktop or on our mobile devices”Fast and at your fingertips…

Pew Internet American life project – @pewinternet - annual Social Media report statistics

Social media as psychological uses20% on desktop, more are using social media on Mobile devicesMostly during Late afternoon/late at night or even during TV shows

“So, how do you leverage social media & human behavior?There’s a simple secret to being a connected brand: Be a good conversationalist and a good listener.”Listen to people “Listen More, Talk Less”

“8 tactics to be a connected brand:[1] Take a pulse on the conversation, before you start talking”Connect to people already talking to you – Company response to customer’s Twitter complaint - evolve24Forrester research - take pulse on conversation before starting to converse

“[2] Connect your goals to the social media environment: customer service, crisis communications, reputation management, focus group, product launch, customer insights, or awareness.Social media is not monolithic. There are different uses for different goals

“[3] Decide where you will connect & who will do the connecting”Blogs: Where expertise is establishedFacebook: Where relationships are maintainedLinkedIn: Where professional networking happensTwitter: Where news is shared 24/7YouTube: Where video stories are toldPinterest: Where visual scrapbooking happensInstagram: Where photo and video stories are shared

Fletcher Allen is not on Tumblr as only 6% of their users, so it’s not worthwileFletcher Allen promotes their human connections – i.e. what employees do daily or behind the scenesFletcher Allen Twitter posts 10-20 a dayFletcher Allen uses Youtube as source for educational tools – make health content understandable for viewersRecommends Instagram for unique content, not same picture or content as other social media outletsPinterest users are 25-45 year oldFigure out what is more efficient for you or your business“You can’t and shouldn’t be everywhere — and you can’t be all things to all people. Find your niches.”

Think about these skills, and delegate social media to them – Many hats of community manager Pinterest infographicPerform a readability test, she uses 6th grade level vocabulary, clarity over cleverness

[4] “Create content that connects to the people you want to reach, when and where they are”Facebook’s Edgerank looks over similar likes, affinity factor, etc(News feed)Photo and video content weighted higherIt also looks at the number of content shares, time of dayDon’t’ promote content that isn’t working well“The three As: Awe, Anger, Anxiety

[5] Social Media CalendarAlex uses calendar to organize content by team, meets regularly to make sure covered

Certain types of questions get more comments Pinterest infographic

“Connect to mavens and influencersTo activate peer-to-peer influence, examine not only clout, but authenticity”Expands your network – i.e. ‘Bully’ movie‘s social media campaign to change the movie’s rating to be shown in schoolsSimilarly, Fletcher Allen will be organizing gathering with VTMommies to help promote their relevant services

[6] “Connect people to the truth”See how your being presented online“Your reputation is already being written, with or without you.”John Siegenthaler Wikipedia biography controversy

[7] “Connect the dots: for you & your audienceListen and lead the conversation; then, examine the leads you create!”Join in on conversations to be helpful, trusted resourceTraffic – web and participationEngage – likes, comments, sharesImpressionsReturn on influence – attend event, visited blog postBTVSMD13SocMed101ConnBrandSet up mechanisms to track the resultsGather all conversations and present to management

Question:Resource for metrics? – Recommends Social Media 201 Workshop

Social media is getting more local, i.e. Yelp

[8] “Connect to meaning & meaningfulness”Find something meaningful, be nicer than necessary“Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”

The Connected Brand of Social Media is Cyclical:Listen, Plan, Community Management, Optimize Content, Measure Progress…i.e. wash, rinse, repeat

“Transform the conversation”The Gift Of Water organization’s “First world problems” # – as fundraiser and awareness

This was one of the five of the eight seminars for Burlington’s Social Media day on June 2 7th, 2013 that the Advantage Creations staff attended. More notes to follow, keep posted.

Social Media Day – Vermont Style

Since 2010 the local Burlington Vermont area techies have gathered together in Burlington, with a focus on #BTVSMD – Burlington Social Media Day hashtag.BTVSMDLogo13

The event kicked off Thursday night at the newly opened Hotel Vermont, for a Tweetup to announce winners of Social Media Royalty. Almost 950 people cast their votes for persons, and organizations in the Burlington area for the following categories: 

The winners are described as having an “excellent use of social networks to share, engage, and participate in Burlington and Vermont social media communities. These people, businesses and organizations have at least one thing in common: they share and respond to content and commentary on a regular basis via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Videos, Photos, Location, etc – on multiple channels, and using local signals like the #btv #bvt and #vt hash tags.”

Friday’s events started with a Breakfast Tweetup at BlueBird Tavern, with delicious pastries provided by Barrio Bakery. Attendees were also entered for drawing for a pair of tickets to the annual Rock the Dock party, held at Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center on July 3rd, as well as a year’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream pints.

After the Tweetup, attendees headed to Hotel Vermont for a day filled with Social Media tips from local professionals:

  • Social Media 101 – presented by Alexandra Tursi, Fletcher Allen Health Care’s Social Media/Web Strategist, Marketing & Communications 
  • Social Media 202 – presented by Gahlord Dewald, ThoughtFaucet
  • Raising Digitally Savvy Children – presented by Dr Elaine Young, Professor at Champlain College
  • Journalists & Social Media – presented by Philip Tortora (Burlington Free Press), Jonathan Butler (VPR Director of Digital Services), and Cynthea Wight Hausman, (Owner of Cynthea’s Spa)
  • Down & Dirty Social Media Plan for Your Business – presented by Barbara Dozetos of Above The Fold Marketing
  • Managing your Digital Identity – presented by Dr Elaine Young, Professor at Champlain College
  • How to Win an Audience and Influence People – presented by Nicole Ravlin, People Making Good
  • Social Media Surgery for Nonprofits – presented by Amanda Levinson, ThirdSpace Consulting/NetSquared

Attendees could also participate in a 15 stop scavenger hunt, spread around Burlington area businesses, taking snapshots on Instagram with hashtag #btvsmd13. Each location also offered either a special deal or goodie with Foursquare check-in. The grand prize drawing was held on Friday afternoon for 4 passes to the Jay Peak Resort with tickets to the Indoor Waterpark.

Advantage Creations staff attended five of the eight seminars, and will post notes soon, keep posted.

Burlington Business Association (BBA) 2013 Waterfront “FAM” Tour

GEDC0117We’re back at Advantage Creations headquarters from the Burlington Business Association (BBA) 2013 Waterfront “FAM” Tour. Sponsored by Northern Lights & Burlington Bay.

The theme of meeting was to, “hear what [Burlington] Waterfront businesses have in store for Burlington this summer!” Many companies/ locations on the waterfront are already open for summer business or are planning to be in operation within the next 1-2 weeks. For example, the cruises, ECHO, the boathouse, Splash are now open, but the Ferries are expected to be operational within 1-2 weeks. More info at

The Bike Path is fully operational, having completed repairs in time for the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon last month, with the repaired areas being Lakeside Ave to Perkins pier, North of Starr Farm, Northshore area to N Ave ext, 127.

Many of the usual summertime events are going on as planned, with some new businesses added to the Waterfront, as well as Burlington favorites adding new features:

  • A new 2013 Burlington Waterfront Map & Events is now available. 
  • Burlington Parks & Recreation hope to make improvements to the bike path, which is a major revenue generator. A recent UVM study estimated $4 million is generated from bike path visitors.
  • CCTA will soon be expanding the Free College Street Shuttle to the bottom of College Street near ECHO, to fully connect the waterfront to the city of Burlington.
  • ECHO will hold their popular annual Champ Fest Exhibit later on in 2013
  • Hen of the Wood located in the newly built Hotel Vermont is slated to open in late July
  • Skinny Pancake’s recently started expansion of the Lake St location is scheduled to be fully open for the city’s July 4th celebrations
  • Ice Cream Bob’s has a new creemee machine, and has added new flavors, such as Mango, and Blackberry
  • Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center will start to offer weekly morning yoga classes next to Lake Champlain in partnership with a local yoga studio
  • Vermont Brewers Festival tickets in high demand this year, sold out within 34 hours of opening
  • Vermont Lake Monsters 20th season opens June 20th, with newly renovated non concrete seats!
  • Queen City Ghostwalk is starting their second year of the Wicked Waterfront tour, and offering complementary tours to other Burlington business owners
  • BBA’s newest member, Burlington Segways has started their new business last month, and it’s a great way to see more of Burlington in the least amount of time

Below is a photo gallery (by Heavenly Ryan) of the Burlington Watefront Tour:

Northern Lights boat front Northern Light boat docked at King Street BBA Director Kelly's sunglasses tradition Burlington Breakwater Lighthouse - leaving the dock Juniper Island view from the Northern Lights Another Burlington Breakwater Lighthouse view from Northern Lights - returning to dock Burlington Boathouse from Lake Champlain aboard Northern Lights Burlington Boathouse, Spirit of Ethan Allen III, and Lack Champlain Ferry view from aboard Northern Lights jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-a9bdd84c .flickr-thumb img").flightbox({size_callback: get_sizes}); }); //-->

Below are some of the upcoming Burlington Downtown and Waterfront Events for 2013:

The morning cruise on the Northern Lights was great… the rain held off and some sun came through for a brief moment before returning to shore, making for a nice trip.

There was a great turnout and many speakers representing the Burlington Waterfront area businesses. Below are the waterfront area organizations represented:

Thanks to Kelly Devine and staff of the BBA, the speakers, and staff of the Northern Lights for a great morning cruise on the beautiful Lake Champlain and for an encouraging outlook on this year’s Burlington summer season!

Please feel free to post any corrections or updates as a comment below…

Burlington Vermont Waterfront is Open for Business!

Just got back from the Burlington Business Association (BBA) 2011 Waterfront “FAM” Tour. The general theme was that the Burlington Waterfront is open for business! Many companies/ locations on the waterfront are either open for business currently or plan to be in operation within the next 1-2 weeks. For example, the cruises, ECHO, the boathouse, Splash are now open, but the Schooner and Maritime Museum are expected to be operational within 1-2 weeks. Read the rest of this entry »

BBA Marketing Summit

We attended the Burlington Business Association's marketing summit which was held at the Lake & College Street Performing Arts Center. We were presented a powerpoint presentation of how various organizations market Burlington in their marketing materials. Read the rest of this entry »