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Pop Up Room Successfull on Ebay is now approaching 2000 hits since we started it in June and sales have been continuing to be steady since.  We are quite happy with the progress this new site has made so far.

Ebay “buy it now” auctions have been very successful in the last month. We have completed several auctions so far with each auction doing better than the last. We’ve made several tweaks to the auctions as we go. We started out with a basic text and image auction using an Ebay template for the layout. This auction was profitable but we didn’t sell every unit we listed. After formating the auction page to look more like the website,, with links to the pages at the bottom for more information on policies, testimonials and faqs, we have been able to sell every unit we list, which is 10 units per auction. View our Pop Up Room Auction to see what I mean.

I also imagine that buying is increasing due to increased positive feedback regarding past auctions for the Pop Up Room. Also, I almost forgot to mention that because every auction includes images that load from, as well as links to pages on the site, traffic and search ranking is improved… this is another side benefit to using Ebay along with your own website.

Google Checkout has also been quite positive, particular when it first launched and when we added it to the page. However, sales using Google Checkout have pulled back in the last couple weeks. This could be a signal that Google Checkout was interesting to people when the media hype was out, but people may now be loosing interest. Or, it could be that this time of the year is usually slow for online retail as it’s summer and many people are now taking their vacations and generally spending more time outside rather than shopping online. However, it’s interesting the our Ebay auctions continue to thrive. Time will tell.

Once the website attains a Google Pagerank of 3 or more, we will proceed with aquiring more link partners for keyword terms and phrases so that we can get more ranking on search engines for more terms. As of this writing we have the 3rd position on Google for the phrase “portable changing room“.

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